Elissa Henkin MA
Elissa Henkin MA


IEP meetings; Informal Dispute Resolution; Due Process Mediation; Section 504 Support; Student Study Team Meetings; Manifestation Determination IEPs; Expulsion Hearings

The benefits of working with me include that I can provide the right tools to help you carve out the right solution for your child’s special needs. To begin with, I will help you fully understand your child’s special education rights and entitlements. Then, I will translate that knowledge into gaining optimum access to appropriate placements and services for him/her. Specific assistance can include:

  • Help obtaining your child’s educational records
  • Interpreting and explaining psycho-educational assessment data and determining whether your child is receiving a free and appropriate public education (“FAPE”) based on his/her unique and individual needs
  • Observing and/or evaluating specific school placements
  • Identifying areas of concern and developing accurate present levels of performance plus appropriate and measurable goals and objectives for the IEP team’s consideration
  • Reviewing your child’s current individualized education program (“IEP”) document and identifying whether it is providing him/her with appropriate placement and services, and/or identifying alternatives (as appropriate)
  • Assisting transitions such as: early intervention to preschool; high school to adult life; etc
  • Assistance with District funding for nonpublic school placements and residential placements
  • Counseling parents/guardians on administrative and due process appeals rights and which step of that process is most appropriate to your child’s case

Contact me to discuss your child’s situation in confidence.

~ Elissa Henkin, M.A.

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