Testimonial from EM of Agoura Hills

alphabetElissa has worked with our family since my son was in 5th grade and we hired her to advocate on his behalf since at the time my wife and I were wholly unfamiliar with special education and the IEP process.

My son is now in his second year of college and I can say unequivocally that he would never have made it to college without Elissa’s assistance. She was strong in her approach with the school district and thorough in her knowledge of both the fact of our case as well as our rights as parents of a special needs child. She was (and is) always available to take my calls, no matter where she was. And her fees are incredibly reasonable for all the work she did. I would have spent much, much more for the welfare of my child and for all she did. Both my wife and I recommend Elissa often to all parents who need to have an advocate for their special needs child … which is all parents who ever have to attend and IEP.

~ E.M. Agoura Hills

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