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Testimonial from Brian W. Culver City

HEARTpencilsI really wish I didn’t have to use her services , but when you have a child with special needs and you want the best for that child you need to use the best services. Ms Henkin provided me with service that I will be forever grateful for.

I was told my son would never graduate high school . I refused to accept that . I was willing to do the work required to help him and also do whatever it took. Ms Henkin was recommended to me and after a long conversation at no cost I hired her to represent my son and me. The minute we walked into our first IEP the tone of the administrators changed. They knew her and realized I was a parent who meant business.

She worked with us for six years while my son was in both middle and high school . Her diligence and hard work insured that my son graduated. I am forever in her debt . Phone calls were always returned in a timely manner, she was never late for an appointment, she was able to get us services we never knew existed. My son may have the diploma, but really her name should be on that sheep skin as well. A true professional in every sense and a pleasure to work with. Anyone who loves their children will love this wonderful woman and the dedicated work she will provide.

~ Brian W. Culver City