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Testimonial from MP of Pacoima

EH-HANDprintI have had a business relationship with Ms. Elissa Henkin since 1995. My son has been a very hard case to manage, and ever since the first contact and intake meeting, Ms. Henkin has been nothing but proficient and she has delivered her services and advice in a caring and appropriate manner. Her fees have been explained ahead of time, and our family never felt that they were gauged or abused. We paid for her knowledge and assistance. She supports our son’s education up to today.

As I mentioned his case has been a challenging at times. She facilitated our case in three mediations, and there was the year we had four IEPS. She is on the client’s side, and uses the IDEA law to support the needs of children with disabilities. We did not need to go to court; she had the expertise and comprehension to advocate for our son. She was the link, supporting our family, and advocating so that the school district would meet the needs of our son appropriately.

Special Education is a very sensitive subject to me, and when I read reviews like the one that Pegrouhi wrote, it is an attack on my family. The FACT is that Ms. Henkin has delivered nothing but the best skilled and qualified services for over 17 years. Her contribution to our son’s education has been priceless. My son is 21 years old, and Elissa has been part of his team of experts since he was 4 years old. It takes a village of special educators and advocates to navigate the educational system. If you are looking for a compassionate, specialized and concerned Special Education Advocate, Ms. Elissa Henkin is one of the few experts that has paved and lead the way. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER SERVICES.

~ M.P., Pacoima